Tips and Tricks

This is just a quick reference for different tips and tricks I have learned over our makeover diet.  I hope it will encourage and inspire you a happy and healthier lifestyle.

1. Make small changes. I do not believe that you will be successful if you try to do a total 180 degree turn with your diet at one time. Pick what is important to you and start there. Maybe start with meatless Mondays where you avoid all meat products for that day. If I were to do it over again, I would have started with going gluten free first! This, however, is an all or nothing decision. You will not notice a difference if you do not cut all gluten out. Be careful, gluten is hidden is many things. Along these lines, give it about 1 month of trying something new!!! It is a step by step and day by day process. We all have our slip ups and that is ok, just keep trying!

2. Make a smoothie every morning to assure your day starts off nutritious. I have not really found an exact recipe for smoothies. It is really about trial and error and what works with your taste buds.  BERRIES BERRIES BERRIES.  Berries are one of the more potent antioxidants so I try to have berries in our diet each and everyday.  Since berries are hard to come by at times, I will put them in my smoothies since I can buy them frozen and in bulk.

3. Taste the rainbow.  I try to incorporate multiple colors in our daily array of fruits and vegetables.  Greens are easy to always eat but by adding color it forces you to prepare things outside of the “normal” vegetable intake.


Soaking dried beans

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