The weather outside is perfect for…. exercise

Since the weather is cooling and we have had a mild summer here in Kansas I wanted to encourage everyone to start or increase their activity! My biggest suggestion is to start with something reasonable that you know you will do and build from there.  Do not try to jump into hour a day workouts.  You will burn out very quickly and give up.  So here are my tips.

1. Start of with something reasonable for yourself whether that is 10 minutes a day for 5 days or if you are at a higher fitness level and can do more.

2. Plan your week in advance.  It is important to know what you have going on so you can plan your exercise time accordingly.  Remember, the time does not need to be all at once.  You can break it up and do three 10 minute sessions of exercise.  Ultimately for endurance you want complete it all at once but whatever gets you moving is the key.

3. Take the stairs.  It’s so simple but it can really make a difference.  I try to take the stairs anytime possible.  Let me tell you after a year of walking 5 flights 2-3 times a day at work it stills makes my legs burn and my lungs work.

4. Park at the end of the parking lot.  Again, very simple but most of use want that close spot.  The extra walking every opportunity you have really adds up over the day.

5. Set your goal.  If it’s 10 minutes a day or 60 minutes- YOU MUST HAVE A GOAL!  Then try to increase that goal each week.  Even if it’s just by a minute or distance, overtime you will progress!

6. Most importantly mix it up.  Try to find things you enjoy that you can add exercise to.  For example, I love to be outside so running and biking are great for me.  I feel it is really important to mix up your exercise routine otherwise you are using the same muscles over and over.  You will see more change with the more areas that are working. There are so many options out there!

7. The goal is health and overall well being not weight, inches or how we look.  That is all nice but we want to be fit, and with a diet abundant in fruits and vegetable you will be a lean, mean disease fighting machine.


I am open to any ideas or questions.  In what ways can I encourage others??

I survived

I am still here and kicking, although a little slower today.  I did complete the entire ride yesterday in a decent time for that matter. It was difficult but with much encouragement I continued to push through.  My husband decided the night before that he would complete the 54 miles with me versus completing the century ride as this was my first time out.  He is a wonderful husband and I really appreciated having him by my side.  God has blessed me in so many ways and he is the one I am most thankful for.  The first 25 miles where actually fun and enjoyable.  The next 25 plus where more difficult given the hills that seemed to never end.  I have many weaknesses in cycling as with other things but hills are NOT my strong point.  My legs where on fire but I just kept peddling and eventually would hit the top where my thighs would get a slight rest for the next hill. I have not mastered the art of shifting and cadence that is so important in cycling but specifically to inclines.  This is something I will continue to work at.  So for me the hills where my challenge to defeat while my husband just blazed up the hills with little to no effort.  He amazes me in so many ways but this is one of them.  Even still, most of the hills he would be right next to me coaching me that I can do it and concur this mountain.  So in short, I complete the 54 miles and could still walk that evening.  Today, I am on the achy side but doing ok! Eating while completing something like this is difficult as most stops do no cater to gluten free diets.  I fueled up with fruit from the stops as well as homemade energy balls (recipe to follow) and bars I had brought with me.  It is tricky though.  I wanted to eat alot to keep up my energy sources but if you eat too much it makes you feel sick while riding.  This too I will have to work on. Today I have been devouring berries to fight inflammation and oxidative stress I bombarded by body with.

I am so grateful to my husband for riding with me and mostly for believing me and pushing me to meet this goal.  Now on to finding my next goal to DEMOLISH!

30 day abdominal challenge

I have decided that over the summer months I am going to do a few of the 30 day challenge programs that focus on certain body parts.  I choose this month to do the abdominal challenge to better myself for pool attire. My workout program is busy between crossfit 3 days a week, cycling, running, interval training etc.  I try to mix  up my workouts partly because I get bored and I honestly feel that your body responds better. I feel that with a variety of movements/ exercises your body does not get into that plateau mode such as when you do the same exercise over and over.  I can tell that through doing this I am also working so many more muscle groups both big and small. (never forget the small muscles, they are so important). I do alot of abdominal work with my crossfit and running workouts but I wanted to step it up a little. So here is the challenge if anyone wants to take it with me. I am currently on day 18 but feel free to start wherever you would like.  I would like to hear any thoughts or results for those who push through this with me!!

Next month (starting after July 7th) I plan to do a biceps/arm challenge if I can find one.


May Challenge 30 Day Ab Challenge