My name is Cassie and I have a passion for diet, exercise and how they can prevent disease. Hence that is why I am starting this blog. I have never been a blogger so please excuse any miss spelled or misused grammar. I wanted to start a blog that helps people to make gradual lifestyle changes that will better their health and well-being! Over the last year a half I have realized how diet and exercise can affect our bodies in so many ways but how it can also ultimately PREVENT DISEASE. This has now become my passion and I wanted to share my family’s journey to encourage others in their walk (or run) to better health and living! My goal for this blog is to give information about diet and how it effects our disease processes, how to prevent this, and to give tips and ideas to lifestyle changes. I plan to post my weekly food menu and then give our Favorite Featured Meal of the week. I want to also include information on the nutrients of foods with the why and how they affect us.
So here is my story…
I am a 27 years old female from Kansas who enjoys God’s Creation. I have been married to the prince of my dreams for 7 years and no children (stay tuned for that adventure). I grew up on farm and spend the majority of my time riding and showing quarter horses. I learned a lot of life lessons with this hobby but it also made me realize how truly blessed we are in life! I was homeschooled and participated in basketball and volleyball. I did not grow up with my now passion however I was very active but did not eat my way to health by any means. My husband (Tanner) and I started our way to health a year and a half ago when a former co-worker introduced Juice Plus to us. As a nurse practitioner I am very skeptical of schemes and our household rarely takes any form of medication or vitamins. After some time of thinking and researching we decided to started taking juice plus and to try to increase our fruit and vegetable consumption. One thing led to another, one research article led to another and before long we where noticing changes in our sleeping, energy, workout recovery, CRAVINGS, decreased headaches for me and overall well-being. This led to more reading and research and we eventually went to what Tanner calls restricted vegetarians. This means that we are vegetarian at home but will splurge every once in a while. He is more liberal with his meat eating then I am. Along with our dietary changes we began working out more often and for longer periods of time. Tanner began cycling and I began a plethora or workouts (P90X, Insanity, Running, Elliptical or weights). I get bored easily if you couldn’t tell. So the change to vegetarian was pretty simple and we couldn’t just stop there! Oh ya, we had also cut out ALL dairy! What about the calcium you may ask, but as a health professional I will address that in a later blog!
Gluten was our next enemy to conquer! In my continued health research I had read about gluten and how we are diagnosing so many people with sensitivity to it. I really didn’t think twice about it at first as neither of us showed signs of a severe allergy or sensitivity. Notice I said SEVERE. Again, I will blog about this topic at a later time. Through the help of a friend who has a gluten sensitivity we started weaning out all products with gluten in them. My husband was wanted to shed a few pounds and our friend has lost a significant amount of weight after diagnosis. Tanner happened to lose 6 pounds the first week being off all gluten. It has been a great journey and going gluten free is one of the best decisions we have ever made! I want to encourage EVERYONE, allergy or not to cut gluten out of their diets! I will provide tips and all my recipes will be modified to be gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free!!
At the current time Tanner and I enjoy spending time together with family and friends. We are silly in love and are finally starting to travel now that we have time and are still kid free! Throughout our travels I will note food options for the places we go! We both work full time and spend our spare time outside as much as possible. Tanner spends his spare time cycling and I spend a lot of time cooking, preparing meals and exercising. I started doing crossfit (still doing my other workouts) 3 days a week about 5 months ago! It’s awesome!
We where both raised in Christian homes and living our life for Christ is our ultimate goal! We are so thankful for all our Blessings! God has given me a gift and passion for health and He has led me to share what I know!
We have a cat named Norris, pictures to come!
I appreciate any comments or suggestions for the blog and ENJOY!!!!

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