Where did the time go?

So September was last time I posted and since then the time has just been flying by.  My life has changed, or maybe a better description is that it has been blessed beyond my imagination!

I gave birth to an amazing little boy weighing 7 lb 8 oz after 27 hours of labor.  It’s sounds terrible but 19 hours of it consisted of me eating, drinking (kombucha and water), walking and visiting the rehab gym in persuit of progression.  I was the only 9 months pregnant lady in the gym but I was desperate!  It didn’t work.  After 19 hours we ended up starting pitocin to help move thing along.  So I went from not really feeling contraction to them being crazy intense.  That went on for about hours before this little man joined us in this great big world.  As much as I had planned and would like to say I did it completly natural I did end up with some antibiotics, pitocin and a dose and a half of pain medication.  Labor was by far the hardest but hands down the most rewarding and fulfilling things I have ever done! My husband was my strength and support and to be honest I think it was harder on him than me- truly. It’s a terrible thing to see your true love in pain.  There are things I would change about my labor but you live and learn in life and everything worked out and we are all very happy and healthy.

I was blessed beyond belief to spend 3 months home with Keagan but I have since returned to work while he is at an in-home day care. I have enjoyed getting back into an adult routine but man do I miss him every second.  Tanner and I will admit that our lives have changed, definitely for the better and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

Now that I’m getting a little into a routine I am working towards finding time to blog, workout, household duties, SLEEP and start cooking a little more again.  My goal is also add in some more yoga and quite time/prayer with the Lord each day!





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