Hi ya’ll,

I have been a bit on a blogging hiatus and here is why.  I promise to start getting back into it soon!

The first reason is that my husband and I decided to follow God’s plan for us and we have move from Kansas to Colorado to enjoy the amazing creation!  It’s beautiful and we love it but it was a process and took up alot of our “extra time”.  So now you may hear more about our adventures along with some of the local dining and my own cooking.  It’s so nice here because so many places have gluten, vegetarian and dairy free options.  It’s like i’m in a dream!

The second is that we are expecting our first baby the end of October.  It is such a blessing to be given this opportunity but it has also drained a lot of my energy or desire to try new foods hence no new blogs for a while.  I am starting to get back on track as we settle in here and I hope to start cooking and blogging some more.

I appreciate everyone who checks in on this blog and you will hear from me soon!

Enjoy the day!